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About us...

Cuddles and Care was set up in 2005 by Gail and her two daughters, Jayne and Penny as an independent Childminding service. As the business blossomed it became apparent that a larger premises was required, so 177 Leigh Road was purchased and converted into a Children's Day Care Nursery.
The official opening was in June 2006 and since then the premises has been extended to allow more room for the little ones.

Due to the level of care provided and an excellent reputation for childcare, another building was located to cater for the needs of local parents in the Eastleigh area. In December of 2009 Cuddles and Care Too was born, located at 105 Leigh Road. Whilst preparing the premises of Cuddles and Care Too we were approached to purchase the Crescent Pre-school which transferred to our ownership in 2008.

All sites share the same executive team who are all well trained, motivated and mothers themselves, and they all adopt the same philosophy for your childcare needs.


Gail, Jayne and Penny have extensive experience of childcare and as parents themselves understand the importance of immersing children in both fun and educational activities. Gail has a BA in working with children and has qualified to Early Years Professional Status.  




Child Doing Art Activity
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